Thursday, August 28, 2008

A trip to the doctor----Take #2

Ok, so after my disappointment yesterday....I developed a really tough headache last night and as of right now...I have been up since 3:30am...I still have it. I called the doctor during the night and she asked me to come in this morning....after a non-stress test and multiple lab having my blood pressure taken twice----she concluded that toxemia is starting to set in. My blood pressure was great yesterday....and today...not so good. So, Eric and I are headed to the hospital tonight at 8pm to start my Cole should be here early tomorrow!! So, obviously my blog will be stagnant for a few days...I will post pics asap!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hurry up and wait....

Clean house? Check. Laundry done? Check. Groceries bought? Check. Bags packed? Check. Haircut? Check. Toes polished? Check. Legs shaved? Check. Baby Cole? Nope!

I took my bags to the doctor today absolutely sure that today was the day!!! Feeling miserable I carried myself into the office and waited....for my answer.....can we have him today?? Well, actually I am still at 3cm...I have walked the track, played some tennis, worked around the house, and done laundry....still at 3cm!!! AAAHHHHH!!!! So, to anyone who is wondering....the "plan" is to take my bags with me next's orders....and hopefully she will be able to find some medical reason to induce me....she seemed to think that maybe she could....she is on call Wednesday night and said that if she is able to get me in...we should have our little Cole by the evening time!!! Finally, hope....light at the end of the tunnel!!! There are certainly no guarantees but I was encouraged that she seemed to think that this plan would work!!

Let me just say....kudos to Women's East for offering manicures and pedicures...and candlelit dinners for new moms and dads....I think that it is a great idea...considering the fact that those things may very well be OVER for new parents or parents bringing their third baby home....also thank goodness for Sonic ice!! Nothing has gotten me through my pregnancies like Sonic ice...thankfully they sell 10 lb bags.....I can just about devour an entire bag by myself in 2-3 days...and their burgers have become a fattening favorite of mine....:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Photography by Sunny Kelly

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday's doctor's appt....

Yesterday, my appointment was again...more of the same. I am still at 3cm...if I go into labor I can have him and if I don't hopefully we will induce in 2 weeks at 38weeks--an all time record for me!! I am feeling pretty good...uncomfortable but oh so glad to be able to do things again!! No more bedrest....just taking it easy as I feel that I need to take a break! Hopefully, that will help me enjoy the time that I have left with just 2 little ones telling me what they need and don't like about what I am doing! LOL No, they really are precious and I have missed them being gone during the day as they have spent alot of time with my sweet neighbor Julie. They LOVE her and her kids which has been so nice....but at the same life being centered around my husband and kids...I have really missed them!!

Today, we had some maternity pics made with a friend from church who does amazing work......Gracie had "Farrah" hair as I curled every inch of her long locks this morning....she looked precious and posed like a little model!!! Ty on the other hand could have cared less about the pictures...he was interested in all of the things that he wasn't supposed to be playing with! We did manage to get some good shots of him though....:) I cannot believe that in just a little while I will be holding another precious little one....I love the snuggly, quiet, "I need you, Mommy" is my absolute favorite!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Today, it is M-Day for us....yes, moving day for Devan! The summer has absolutely flown by...I cannot believe that it is already the middle of August. So, amidst the packing up and moving out Devan has managed to get all of her things together....and is on her way to Toccoa Falls right now!! She is traveling with Eric, Lauren, Logan, and Gracie who wanted to "go to college" with her big sister!

Eric and I spent a few really late hours in the labor and delivery at East Ridge last night....only to be told that a bladder infection was causing contractions....although I am convinced that I had not had it long enough for it to do that much damage....I think that real labor is quickly we returned home around midnight to Devan finishing her packing for school....can we have just one more major thing in life to heap on everything else?? LOL My poor husband is on the brink of an emotional melt down I am afraid...LOL Bless his told Devan "see you later" last night hoping to miss the actual departure this morning..and thinking that I would be knocked out from my medicine anyway....but they left a little later than expected and so the tears quickly came....we held hands in the kitchen and prayed before they left...we were all crying!!! It was a sweet moment that we will all remember but the best part was when Gracie looked at us all like we were crazy for crying and then started trying to cry herself!!! It was hilarious!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wednesday's Dct Appt...

My appointment yesterday was more of the same...everything is going well and I still have no signs of toxemia!! My next appointment is next good friend Anjie is being induced that day so it will be exciting and encouraging to meet her little Isaac!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Today, I went to the doctor....for several reasons....feeling like maybe Cole was thinking about coming soon. Bummer.....still in the same phase as last time....he IS head down and definitely letting me know it!! I thought after 2 other babies I would be a pro at determining what was happening....turns out--just more waiting!! I am to return to the doctor on is so hard to know what to do....sit at home and go from 2-10cm in nothing flat or go and be checked only to find out that you are still at 2cm!! Cole and I are finishing our 35th week on Friday....every week closer to 36 is making more and more certain that he will be healthy...although we don't know how much he weighs...I feel like he is 10 lbs right now!! LOL I am sure that every fellow mom out there remembers the "desperate" feeling that comes upon you as you slowly cross each week off the calendar in the want your baby to be healthy and you also want to be able to go 20 minutes without having to pee--again.....we have to sacrifice for our little cuties even before they take their first breath in this world...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Showers of friends....old and new

Sunday afternoon we celebrated baby Cole and his soon to be church friends gave me a was fun and the best part is often seeing friends that you haven't been able to catch up with in a is always so hard for me to decide where to sit...with family, friends that are giving the shower, people that don't know anyone else and you haven't seen in forever, who knows?? Anyway, we received tons of diapers and wipes...just what I asked for!! I didn't do so well with pics....I was trying to make sure that Gracie didn't eat the entire plate of blue jello and talk to people....between all the activity I didn't really get one good picture. But we did have friends there taking pictures so maybe some of those will make it to the blog before long.

As far as Cole goes, I am currently at 1cm....I go back to the doctor this Wednesday and she has said that if I go into labor after this Friday(34 weeks) she will not stop it....but she won't induce me until 38 weeks(first week of Sept) unless I develop toxemia or some other reason to go early....if I have already put this on the blog I apologize....I can't really remember what I wore the day before, when I last fed my kids, etc these days...:)

Echoes of the past....trimesters that is...

I have never re-experienced things in my last trimester that I did in the first...except for fatigue...but I have really been noticing things like my sense of smell being much more sensitive, nauseous feelings because of certain smells, etc....weird, huh? And unfortunately, not many other things than eating out sounds good to me these days...just like at the beginning when those awful nauseous feelings only permitted random chicken caesar salads and lots of is only unfortunate because our money tree is really short and not very leafy these days!! :) Has anyone ever experienced this before??