Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gracie girl.....

Scrub-a-dub-dub....3 Babies in the Tub

We wished you a Merry Christmas.....

Well, here I am....back from the land of NO BLOGGING....I hope that each of you had a very Merry Christmas! The last few weeks have been full of cleaning, wrapping, shopping, cooking, and "refereeing" children....I am happy to report that everyone was feeling well for this holiday celebration...except for Cole...he is working on his first 2 bottom teeth..nothing that a little Tylenol won't fix! :) Speaking of our precious boy..we just celebrated his 4 month milestone!! He is just so perfect right now---laughing and cooing all of the time...he is cuddly and sweet--what a blessing he is!! I only say "perfect" because I just appreciate the gentleness about him after dealing with the terrible 2's and terrible 1.5's!! Just kidding! They all are precious...and even my little Cole is going to be heading toward the "terribles" before long!

Our Christmas was very always....every day Christmas week was spent at some part of the family's house...we opened gifts here at home on Christmas Eve night--much fun especially for Gracie and Ty!! It is great to have all of our kids together to share special family times....who knows how many more Christmas' before the older kids will have families and kids of their own!!

We always have Christmas at my dad's parents house on Christmas Eve...growing up it was such a magical thing to drive home wondering if Santa was in the air lay in bed quivering with anticipation about when he would arrive at my chimney. I had the passing thought this year driving home....what about Jesus? Do I anticipate the celebration of His birth like I did Santa coming to bring me gifts? Jesus gave the ultimate gift..which is His life! He gave His life because someone had to be the sacrifice for my sin. If He had not come, the only option would be for me to die---but He loved me so much that He gave up His life for mine....and He IS coming..."like a thief in the night"......He loves each one of you, too....enough to give His life so that we could all be blameless before Him...are you ready?

Happy 2009 !! I always love a fresh start!! Here are some pics of our Christmas memories!