Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Belated Christmas Greeting?

Ok, so this is my poor attempt to send out a Christmas card!! Can you even call it "New Year" if it is almost February? Well, I obviously wasn't very successful posting or even taking pictures during the holidays this year...maybe next year when the tree is no longer a "decorational" hazard for my children!! We did take this on Christmas day...with a timer and a tripod...I think that it actually is pretty good considering there was an invisible person on the other side of the camera!

Don't haven't missed anything since Christmas...we have just been hanging out around here....housework, laundry, and all....a few colds here and games and church events...I hope to do better in the future (with my posting that is) ...Cole will be 5 months old next week and so I am aiming for post about him...:)


Amy said...

What a great picture, and a beautiful family!
Looking forward to seeing you on Monday!

Hollen said...

Ok, I know that you posted thsi a long time ago...haha...but I just wanted you to know..TAHT I AM ABLE TO COEM TO CAMP AGAIN!!! YEAAAAAH!! :) LOL I am soooooo excited....
P.S. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA the thing that I had to type in called "the word verification" LOL was "hyper"..of course. LOL