Monday, March 23, 2009

Catching up...again!

We just got back from Myrtle Beach....our first large family was fun!!! I am really missing it today....:( It was just too quick--I guess it always is! I was concerned about the babies riding for that long--we had never taken them anywhere longer than 3 hours away--but they did terrific!! They had a blast in the indoor pools...and we played on the beach although it was too chilly to be in swimsuits out there!! We ventured out to Broadway on the Beach Saturday night...ate at Joe's Crab Shack and then walked around to look at the stores....that is such a neat place!!! Devan and her boyfriend were able to go with was so fun to be all together times!! Definitely one for the memory book---and I finally get to fill in the space in all 3 baby books entitled "My First Vacation"....:)

Wednesday is Gracie's 3rd birthday!! I cannot believe it!! She is such a big girl ....and I am proud to report COMPLETELY potty trained!!! Yay, Yay, Yay!!! We are really proud of her---she is so smart and beautiful!! Happy Birthday, babe!! You are a precious girl!! This is her pic on the beach....:)

Monday, March 2, 2009

6 Months---Whooo--Hooo!!

2 teeth pushing through, rolling over, grasping toys, eating baby food, laughing, smiling, Precious, Precious, Precious!!
Yay, baby for 6 sweet months!! Can you just stay little a little while longer?? You are my precious boy....:)

Friday, February 27, 2009


Right now I am on cloud nine because I got a steal of a deal today!! I went to "The Cottage" here in Ringgold and got 2 pairs of Tommy Hilfiger pants for $1.00 each!! Amazing!! I LOVE, LOVE thrift stores!! My entire closet is compiled of either hand-me-downs or deals from the thrift store...I know some of you are thanks not for me....but just humor me..just about the time that you get the "shopping bug" someone else is bagging up clothes that they don't want or need anymore....and I am talking about some NICE stuff!! Now of course there are always things that are worn out hanging on the racks, but if you are willing to dig a little bit you can find treasure!! I have found numerous sweaters, jeans, pants, jackets, workout clothes, shoes, kid's clothes, WHOOO-HOOOO!!! I am talking NAME BRANDS, too...Gap, Old Navy, American Eagle, Cato, Children's Place!!!! LOVE it, LOVE it!! My absolute fav is America's Thrift Store ---out on Lee Highway--they have a tremendous selection and all of the money goes to help Teen Challenge(a Christian Teen Ministry)......

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Potty Training...

Ok, so Gracie is doing really well with her potty training...but I beg to differ that "it is so much easier than diapers"---It is a really good thing that I am not pregnant because I have already almost gagged a few times making the trip from the little potty to the big potty to dump the deposits....I HATE that part!! And we have had 2 really gross incidents to occur...the first was when I walked in on Gracie trying to wipe a "mushy" poop out of her little bucket..ugh...I got there just in time but she still got some on her finger...and the second was last night when she decided after she went to pee-pee that she would try to jump off her potty onto the floor...which ended up that a word? Well, anyway pee was all over the floor..ugh....I just love the diapers because you open them and then you shut them! Nice smelling wipes help to cover odors and when you have 3 little ones plus 5 years of daycare experience you can pretty much change a diaper with your eyes CLOSED!!

The good news is that we are both enjoying her being able to wear her cute, little panties and she really is doing well....only a few accidents outside of the potty. She is going to be moving up to Children's Church and Children's choir on her birthday, March little girl is growing up..I can't believe that 3 years has passed since my dream came true...:)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catching Up....

Whew! I just needed a new template...sort of letting the old of winter go and welcoming in the newness of our future Spring...:)

Well, am I behind or what? First, I would like to say that Cole (affectionately called Coley) is 5.5 months old...precious, precious, precious he is!!! He is still so laid back and sweet...I am enjoying him SO much!! Some days his cute smile is the only thing that keeps me going!! He is blowing bubbles, cooing, laughing, rolling over, and starting to push his way across the floor. He has been getting his first tastes of baby food/cereal...I just love him and the stage where he is in his little life!!

Gracie wore panties during the day this past week...pull ups at naptime and bedtime...she is doing great and has only had a few accidents. Yay for some progress!! She is very domestic and has been helping me fold towels, wash dishes, pick up her toys...she likes things to be just me!! She is also very nuturing and spends time in her day taking care of her baby dolls...she is going to be a good mommy. She is really STUBBORN, though and we go around and around during the day!! She is always testing see if I am going to follow through. I am trying to be consistent and I am seeing small glimpses of hope but some days it feels like she wants to break a record for "most discipline during the day"......

Ty is expanding his vocabulary...words are becoming clearer....everything is a ball to him...even his green peas! He is all boy with quite a temper of his own...he too pushes me to the end of my wits all day long!!! He is precious, though..and his hair matches his temper!

I celebrated my 27th birthday on the 6th of this was a good one although I can't believe that I am 3 years from being 30!!! I was able to go out with Eric for dinner and a movie one night and out with Ashley for dinner and shopping another night!! Fun, fun...and much needed rest, too!!!

We have been in the midst of alot of sickness started with Logan---a stomach virus and then some kind of upper respiratory type infection...then to Ty with Strep, and now to Gracie with probably Strep...we are headed to the doctor tomorrow...all 3 little ones have had cold symptoms for several days now..I am SO OVER IT!! I am selfishly tired of being in the house and away from friends and fun!! Today has been a "order a pizza and eat the whole thing yourself" kind of day!! Thank goodness for the Valentine candy in the kitchen!!

Logan also broke his wrist about 2 weeks ago in bball practice...he had surgery this past Thursday..he is doing well but out for several months....out of bball that is. So where does he go from here???....we don't know....but thankfully the Lord does....:)

Valentine's Day was ok...not the most romantic of times...LOL I made a big breakfast for everyone only to have Ty and Gracie say..."I am not eating that" the rest of us enjoyed the meant the most to my hubby---which made it all worth it! In our time and money starved life..the smallest things mean alot...he LOVES breakfast so it was all worth it!!

I have officially joined Facebook!! I never understood the big deal until I joined but now I get it!! I am having a blast looking at pictures of friends that I haven't seen in a while! So now my computer time will have to be split...but my first love is definitely this blog...:)

Devan will be 19 next Saturday, the 21st!! Hopefully she will be coming home...her car has also bitten the dust! She has asked for some chicken casserole...a good excuse to make it....yummm!!

Well, that is it for now....hope that you all are doing well out there!! It is good to be back! LOL :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Belated Christmas Greeting?

Ok, so this is my poor attempt to send out a Christmas card!! Can you even call it "New Year" if it is almost February? Well, I obviously wasn't very successful posting or even taking pictures during the holidays this year...maybe next year when the tree is no longer a "decorational" hazard for my children!! We did take this on Christmas day...with a timer and a tripod...I think that it actually is pretty good considering there was an invisible person on the other side of the camera!

Don't haven't missed anything since Christmas...we have just been hanging out around here....housework, laundry, and all....a few colds here and games and church events...I hope to do better in the future (with my posting that is) ...Cole will be 5 months old next week and so I am aiming for post about him...:)